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"Adoption changed our lives. We would not be who we are today without both of our adoption journeys. Not only do we have two amazing kids but it shaped us to the people we are today." - Hamilton Family

"As anyone who has even dipped their big toe into the adoption pool knows, it can often feel more like white water rafting then floating a river in an innertube, but God is faithful to uphold and reward those who are faithful to pick up his call." - Elliott Family

"I wish I had listened to the advice from others, that when we are matched with the right children, it will happen on God’s time. I did not want to listen to that advice, I tried so often to force it, and rush it. Addy’s Hope was so patient with us in reminders that things will happen when they are supposed to, and the family that is supposed to be, will happen."   - Hammons Family

"With the training we received from Addy's Hope prior to beginning the path to adoption, our desire to have another child, the support from family and friends.....we know we were set up for success. God's plan!" - Bernier Family

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